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Oil & Gas Sector

Our extensive regional experience and commitment to excellence has earned us our oil and gas customers’ confidence and trust that we will manage their assets safely and deliver their projects in a timely manner while sticking to our budget commitments.

ELARD’s long-term customer relationships have equipped us with a portfolio of leading national and international oil and gas operators, and valuable combination of experience and global perspective.

We are a leading provider to the oil and gas industry. Our team has delivered more than 50 high end oil and gas related projects in almost a dozen of the key oil and gas industry locations worldwide, including the Caspian Sea, MENA Region and GCC in the past decade.

We have a strong reputation for balancing global excellence with local delivery within the oil and gas industry. ELARD professionals utilize proven and innovative methods and best management practices earned through our experience on various oil and gas projects worldwide to improve performance and add business value.

ELARD works with upstream, midstream, downstream programs. Our experienced program management and technical services in regional geographies help maximize our clients’ operations.

Representative clients and companies we have worked with:

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