Our Services

Environmental and HSE Service

ELARD, a world-class environmental and HSE consultancy firm, partners with clients to assess and manage the potential environmental, socio-economic and health and safety issues associated with their activities and products.

Whether through responding to existing challenges, implementing measures to prevent future liabilities, or seeking sustainable strategies, clients around the world benefit from our blend of technical and scientific skills and knowledge of local requirements and practices.

Although our services apply to a wide variety of clients, we customize our solutions to meet each individual client’s need and concerns.

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ELARD is one of the region’s top consulting firms that are specialized in Applied earth sciences, including geology, geophysics and hydrogeology, offering it services to governments, water and power utilities, various industries, mining companies, and the oil and gas sectors.

Geoscience Services for the Oil and Gas industry is being provided through ELARD’s  sister Company Lampion Oil and Gas Services (LOGS), which is part of ELARD Holding.

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Water Resources Management & Engineering

The water cycle is of critical importance to our daily lives. Unless guided by expert knowledge and specialist technology, development activity can have a negative impact on this natural process.

Our Water team combats these issues on projects ranging from small-scale, local design to high-level international water governance studies. Much of what we do involves mitigating damage to the water environment from historically unsustainable development and making sure that future work does not have further adverse impacts.

ELARD is renowned for its comprehensive and leading skills in all aspects of the water cycle from water supplies to treatment, conveyance, wastewater treatment, reuse and recovery, and return to the natural environment.

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Training and Capacity building

Training and capacity building services are a cross-cutting service delivered as part of most projects undertaken by ELARD and its group companies.  Hands-on training programs are prepared based on real-life projects and lessons-learned, leading to a true learning experience to participants.  ELARD trainings are designed in a way to include the necessary theoretical and practical modules using various adult-learning techniques to enhance the effectiveness of know-how transfer.

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Quality by Design

ELARD believes that safe food and environment are the building blocks for sustainable development, and the increase demand for Food Safety Management Services in the Arab Middle East and the commitment of agro-food industries to develop its own food safety prerequisites in harmony with international and national standards and technical legislations. Pharmaceutical and Para-Pharmaceutical show the same needs to comply with the similar appropriate requirements.

ELARD Quality by Design Department assists agro-food industries, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industries, water bottling industries, hospitals, health care facilities and hospitality services to hone their competitive edge by establishing and verifying procedures and practices that ensure quality, wholesome and safe products and services. ELARD aim to raise and boost food hygiene, plant layout design and quality standards in industries engaged in catering, processing and distribution of food, medical and pharmaceutical products. We can help you meet the laws set by the different inspection national and international authorities and ensure full compliance with the technical legislations required for your goods starting from design to production and protect your business in cost-effective management tools.

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