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With the increasing need for live data and remote control and monitoring of inaccessible and rural environmental and hydrometric monitoring stations and sites, ELARD provides turn-key Solutions for environmental monitoring, agriculture, hydrometrics, drinking and waste water companies giving access to live data, 24/7, remote logging and Control of the equipment.

With these Solutions, clients can have from one stand alone telemetry device to a network of stations connected to one base station, giving access to real time data and monitoring of the equipment, and providing the capacity of remote configuration, control and data logging. With alarms monitoring parameters threshold, and alarms for malfunction, Vandalism or theft threat, users can monitor closely their stations to ensure reliable data and correct equipment operation.

Upon each application and each site and equipment available technology, ELARD will recommend the best solution using the most reliable communication technology for ideal operation whether using GSM/GPRS, 3G or Radio Frequencies.

Along with this, ELARD has developed and manufactured in a joint venture with ANT group of Italy-Italian leader in manufacturing Turnkey Solutions for Broadcasting and telemetry-, advanced GSM/GPRS Telemetry Unit ,for Stand-Alone data logging, remote control, monitoring and transmission device, The TUBE 300 Family. TUBE 300 Family can be connected to any Monitoring equipment in order to send and receive logging data, monitor and control the Equipment.


  • Hydrometry.
  • Air Quality.
  • Agriculture and irrigation.
  • Meteorology.

Products and Partners in telemetry:

TUBE 300 family:
Tube 300 Family is a joint venture between ELARD and ANT group- an Italian company specialized in broad¬casting systems. ELARD designs and ANT develops and manufactures. So we let the experts do their work. Both companies provide years of experience as ELARD has been delivering professional services in the fields of environmental management and sustainability for over a decade and ANT Group is the leader in broad¬cast remote control technology in Italy and its remote controls are used and appreciated from more than 85% of the Italian private TV and radio stations. ELARD is the worldwide representative of TUBE 300 with an established network of distributors in several countries to offer clients the best service, training and Support.

TUBE 300 Family is designed for unmanned, long life, remote monitoring and control. It independently acquires field data and sends commands to external devices. It is the best solution to remotely communicate via GSM/GPRS Network with your device or probe placed in rural and inaccessible areas. Tube 300’s great interconnection flexibility allows connection with different types of sensors, transducers and other devices. Its optimum management of power supply consumption ensures a long lifetime operation; for both the tube and the probe as it is also capable of powering connected probes and sensors.

Tube 300’s compact size limits its visibility as it fits entirely inside 2 inches wells, and along with its alarming feature and housing, is considered rugged proof and theft protected. Through ANT tool user friendly Software, via cable or remotely via GSM/GPRS calls, Tube 300 offers ease in customization and programming.


  • Automatic and remote acquisition, storage and transmission of field data.
  • Automatic alarming
  • Stand-alone and remote controlled automations
  • Remote real time telemetry for ground water and surface water monitoring, agricultural and environmental monitoring equipment.

  • Automatic acquisition, storage and transmission without external power supply.
  • Automatic alarm messages triggered by field events, and predefined parameter thresholds via SMS and e-mail or ftp.
  • E-mail and FTP periodical Data Transmission, on predefined customizable schedule.
  • GSM/GPRS direct connection for remote setup and configuration, data retrieval and real time readings.
  • Optional built in pressure sensor for pressure compensation
  • Built-in real time clock and temperature sensor.
  • Customizable connection and choice of connector depending on the probe or sensor connected to the TUBE 300 family.
  • Fits completely in 2 inches wells (For TUBE 300R).
  • Configurable to connect to any sensor or probe.
  • Embedded Tamper input, for detection of tampering, and a motion sensor to generate an alarm when the unit is moving.
  • Easy to use software for configuration, and connection to the TUBE 300 family.
Link to ANT group:

Adcon Telemetry:
Providing smart wireless solution ,ADCON Telemetry provides turn-key solutions for environmental monitoring, agriculture, hydrometrics, drinking and waste water companies with Accurate Data management and Telemetry. With 24/7 reliable and fast data transmission, logging and reading, ADCON Telemetry provides users with ability to monitor remotely the operation of their equipment.

Adcon has focused on building compact and robust devices, which are extremely simple to install and operate, and excel thanks to their superior hardware technology. Adcon’s target is building networks that cover huge areas, be it a large farm, the distribution network of a drinking water supplier, a province, a state or even an entire country. To achieve this target ADCON have developed a series of data loggers, that cover all applications and all areas.

  • Extremely sensitive radio receivers
  • Extremely energy efficient devices
  • Networkability of all Adcon RTU's with each other
  • Extremely compact & tough yet affordable construction
  • Unusually high transmission distances

Due to the extraordinary sensitivity of their radio receivers Adcon RTU's can transmit over much larger distances than comparable devices using the same output power. That leaves the choice of site up to you and saves repeaters you might need with others.

Extremely low power consumption
An Adcon RTU needs hardly any power, and can thus be operated for a much longer time with a much smaller battery pack than others. To charge these batteries a solar panel barely larger than a postcard is sufficient - by far the smallest panels around! A great feature for environmental monitoring, when the next wall outlet is hours away.

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