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Quality by Design

ELARD believes that safe food and environment are the building blocks for sustainable development, and the increase demand for Food Safety Management Services in the Arab Middle East and the commitment of agro-food industries to develop its own food safety prerequisites in harmony with international and national standards and technical legislations. Pharmaceutical and Para-Pharmaceutical show the same needs to comply with the similar appropriate requirements.

ELARD Quality by Design Department assists agro-food industries, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industries, water bottling industries, hospitals, health care facilities and hospitality services to hone their competitive edge by establishing and verifying procedures and practices that ensure quality, wholesome and safe products and services. ELARD aim to raise and boost food hygiene, plant layout design and quality standards in industries engaged in catering, processing and distribution of food, medical and pharmaceutical products. We can help you meet the laws set by the different inspection national and international authorities and ensure full compliance with the technical legislations required for your goods starting from design to production and protect your business in cost-effective management tools.

Food Safety

ELARD helps in:

  • Assessing and filling up the gaps and aids in preparing and developing engineering designs to be ready for the implementation of GMP and prerequisite programs designed to ensure the safety of your products and suitable for stakeholder or customer business.
  • Designing the realistic parameters needed for each project, with a view to create or improve the defects or nonconformities with cost-effective management tools, complying with all standards and technical legislations and ensuring that the quality and safety of product are not compromised.
  • Preparing for Sanitation/GMP Audits by verifying Sanitation and Handling practices. In the GMP audit, we can verify Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), HV/AC, Pressurized Air, Processing Water and Cleaning Validation Protocols and Verification Procedures (SOP’s writing and application), including management commitment, employee practices, sanitary facilities, water quality, cleaning and sanitation, equipment design and maintenance, storage, etc.

Engineering Consultancy

  • Plant layout Design in compliance with GMP requirements, architectural, structural and electro-mechanical designs and drawings on the approved layout, conceptual design paper on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and pressure differential system with proposed air flow diagram.
  • Redesigning or improving the layout in order to comply with the material requirements’ and propose low cost and safety measures and solutions during detailed engineering improvement.
  • Providing a concise and customized support for clients to prepare detailed tender documents for supply and installation of various systems like HV/AC, Water treatment and distribution, Electrical, Steam generation and distribution etc.

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