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ELARD is one of the region’s top consulting firms that are specialized in Applied earth sciences, including geology, geophysics and hydrogeology, offering it services to governments, water and power utilities, various industries, mining companies, and the oil and gas sectors.

Geoscience Services for the Oil and Gas industry is being provided through ELARD’s  sister Company Lampion Oil and Gas Services (LOGS), which is part of ELARD Holding.


In addition to geological investigation for groundwater resources assessment, and the oil and gas industry, ELARD has extensive experience in complex geological surveys preceding the construction of civil infrastructures such as dams, tunnels, water conveyors, as well as for raw material extraction, and quarries establishment.

These services includes among others:

  • Regional and detailed geological mapping
  • Sub-surface 3-D geological modeling and visualization
  • Formation evaluation and petro-physical analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative sub-surface raw material resources assessment through 3-D spatial analysis for volume and surface estimation


The rapid expansion of ELARD in the region was attributed to its outstanding record of conducting complex comprehensive hydrogeological studies in Semi-Arid and Arid climates ,in MENA countries and South Asia.

ELARD has extensive Experience in:

  • Hydrogeological Characterization and Groundwater resource Assessment
  • Basin Delineation / Basin Yield Evaluation
  • Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling
  • Aquifer Vulnerability Study, and Well Head Protection Study
  • Salt Water Intrusion Assessment
  • Tracer Testing , Groundwater Isotope Dating, and Groundwater Sampling
  • Aquifer Yield Testing
  • Groundwater Monitoring Plan
  • Well Field Design & Construction Supervision
  • Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) System Assessment, Design and Operation


ELARD is one of the the leading regional firm that provides a full-range of geophysical services for hydrogeological, mining, and geotechnical applications such as delineation of depth to bedrock, subsurface stratigraphy and structures, groundwater contamination, underground utility, archeological features and cavity detection.

Moreover, ELARD has access or possesses the equipment necessary to conduct such investigations. and is the only firm in the region which posses two truck mounted logging system with a depth investigation capacity of up to 2000 m.

Our range of Geophysical Services includes the following:

  • Shallow Seismic Investigation
  • Resistivity and Electromagnetic Survey (VLF, EM, VES, and Tomography)
  • Gravimetric and Microgravity Surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Cross-hole Seismic, Electric and Radar Tomography
  • Open and Cased Hole Geophysical Logging
  • CCTV Survey (Down-hole Camera)

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