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Real Estate Developers

Those involved in land development need to have an exact understanding of the environmental attributes of a site, such as the natural features and habitat and possible contamination from previous site uses, in addition to an understanding of the impacts of their developments on the surrounding environment and its health impacts on occupants.

ELARD provides a full assessment of sites from an environmental standpoint, leading to a better understanding of any regulatory and financial costs and obligations that may be connected with developing the site.

Our recurrent client track records with the developers spears from the fact that ELARD has gained a keen understanding of each client’s development objectives which keeps the project moving and facilitates its successful transition from the concept schematic stages up to the operation and maintenance levels.

ELARD works closely with property owners, developers, managers, and your financial, legal, architectural and contractor teams to provide support on the environmental and sustainable design, construction, and operation of properties and developments.

Representative clients and companies we have worked with:

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